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第19期: Planning For The Worst 作念好济急指标

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Hello English learners! And welcome to another great lesson with me here. I’m Reevs. Good morning!


And today I’m bringing you a great upper intermediate lesson.


We’re gonna talk about the topic that’s been in the news, and this topic is "The bird flu". 


We’ve got language to talk about a disease.


And language that you might use in a planning meeting at work.


Okay, so, we’re ready to listen to our dialogue.



A: Well, right, let’s move to our next order of business, as many of you are aware, in recent weeks there has been a lot of media coverage surrounding this bird flu issue. And it’s come to my attention that our company lacks any sort of bird flu contingency plan. 


B: Basically, we need to come up with a clear plan; we need to outline specific actions that our company can take to maintain critical business functions in case a pandemic strikes. 


A: So, what I’d like to do is: first appoint someone to look after drafting our plan; Ralph, I’d like you to head up this project. 


C: Sure, no problem. What issues do you want me to consider? 


B: Well, let’s see, there are a few points we need to be thinking about. . . first, I’ll need you to analyze our numbers and figure out what kind of financial impact an outbreak might have. 

这有几个要点咱们需要研讨到...... 最初,我需要你分析下咱们的数据,弄明晰可能爆发的流感会使财务受到怎样的影响。

A: You’ll also need to think about how we can avoid any of our employees getting infected; think of ways to reduce employee-customer contact, perhaps some IT solutions that will allow our people to work from home. 


C: I guess you’ll need me to forecast employee absences as well, right? And I’ll think about the impact this will have on our clients. Hey, what about vaccines? Should we be thinking about getting vaccines for our employees? 


A: Exactly right. So, I’ll leave this to you, and we’ll review the draft plan in two weeks. Okay, so, anyone want to order some KFC for lunch? 




Okay, let’s look at some useful pronunciation tips in the dialogue.


1. 辅元连读+Flap T:What I

对话中:What I’d like to do is...


Flap T 分析:/t/在两个元音音标之间且非重读的时刻,/t/不错读为一个很轻的/d/, 是以读为/wʌtaɪ/。

复述:What I’d like to do is...

2. 失爆:want to

对话中:Anyone want to order some KFC for lunch?



失爆分析:want to,want收尾是一个爆破音/t/,to起首亦然一个爆破音/t/, 是以want收尾的/t/不错不发音,那就不错读为/wɑːntuː/。

复述:Anyone want to order some KFC for lunch?


We heard a lot of really useful language in this dialogue and right now we’re gonna look at five different words from the dialogue. 


The first one is critical.

第一个单词是 critical。

1. critical  /ˈkrɪtɪkl/  adj.至关紧要的

So, when something is critical, it’s basically really important, really urgent.


举例:This is a critical step in the process. You can’t make a mistake here.


Okay, the next word we have is pandemic.


2. pandemic  / pænˈdemɪk/  n.大流行病

So, it’s a disease that spreads very fast and goes everywhere. 


举例: a global pandemic 一种全球流行病

Our third word for today is outbreak.


3. outbreak  /ˈaʊtbreɪk/  n. (暴力、疾病等赖事的) 爆发

举例:the outbreak of war 干戈的爆发

an outbreak of influenza 流感的爆发

So moving on,our fourth word is forecast. 


4. forecast  /ˈfɔːrkæst/  n.揣度

So, to forecast basically means to predict.


比如,咱们时常看的天气预告,便是“weather forecast”。

The last word for today is vaccine.


5. vaccine /vækˈsiːn/ n.疫苗     (可用作可数,也可用作不可数)

实用短语:get vaccines  打疫苗


举例:When we are small, we get polio vaccines, measles vaccines.



There’s a lot of words that you can use in a planning meeting, so, let’s look at five useful phrases in the dialogue.在责任指标会议中,有好多你不错用到的词汇,那么,让咱们来望望对话中5个灵验的短语。Now, this first phrase you can use when you want to change the subject at a meeting. Let’s listen to what they said in the dialogue.现时,咱们要说的第一个短语,是当你在会议中想要窜改话题时不错使用的。 1. Let’s move to our next order of business.   咱们运行下一项议题吧。Okay, so, let’s move to our next order of business, it’s a great way of saying “let’s move on”.“Let’s move to our next order of business(让咱们插驾驭一项议题吧!)”是一种很好的抒发“Let’s move on”(让咱们陆续吧!)的式样。So,let’s move on to our second phrase and it’s “contingency plan”. 那么,让咱们来看第二个短语,它是contingency plan。2. contingency plan 济急指标So, a contingency plan is a plan that you make to prepare for an emergency.是以,济急指标是一个你为应付蹙迫情况所作念的指标。 So, like a backup plan. 是以就像是一个备用指标。举例:make contingency plans 制定济急指标And I have another interesting phrase for you, it’s “We need to come up with a clear plan”. 我这里还有另外一个有趣的短语,是“We need to come up with a clear plan”。3. We need to come up with a clear plan.    咱们需要建议明确的指标决策。其中:come up with 建议举例:He came up with a new idea for increasing sales.他建议了一个加多销售的新方针。Okay, our fourth phrase we heard in the dialogue is “head up”.好了。咱们在对话入耳到的第四个短语是head up。 4. head up 指引,负责It means I’d like you to lead or take care of this project.有趣是我但愿你来指引或者照应这个样貌。Dialogue内部employer说的这一句话,亦然很良师益友的,要适当记下来呀!举例:I’d like you to head up this project. 我想让你来负责这个样貌。 Okay, and the last phrase you can use when you want to give someone the responsibility of a job.好了,这是临了一个短语,当你想让某东说念主负责一件责任的时刻,你不错用这个短语。5. So, I’ll leave this to you. 那么,我就把这事交给你。So, I’ll leave this to you. This is “you take charge”.“I’ll leave this to you”便是暗意“你要负责”。Now, it’s time for us to review what we've learned today.现时咱们来转头一下今天所学习的,要跟上我沿路来适当转头,想考起来。


1. 发音要点:

辅元连读+Flap T:What I 失爆:want to

2. 单词要点:

critical  adj. 至关紧要的pandemic  n.大流行病outbreak  n. (暴力、疾病等赖事的) 爆发forecast  n.揣度vaccine  n.疫苗(可用作可数,也可用作不可数)

3. 抒发要点:

Let’s move to our next order of business.咱们运行下一项议题吧。contingency plan 济急指标We need to come up with a clear plan. 咱们需要建议明确的指标决策。head up 指引,负责So, I’ll leave this to you. 那么,我就把这事交给你。

Alright,that's all for today. Thanks for coming. Hope you enjoy today's lesson. 


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